Andrea Möhn held a lecture at Fachhochschule Dortmund about Planning and Building participation. The title "NO BOUNDARIES" was what guided this study. 



Andrea Möhn held a lecture at "ARCH19 –Building for better health. Research and innovation in architecture and urban design for care and health" conference in Norway about "Your personal Space".

ARCH 19 

Building for better health

oden Forest - Highly commended      



Andrea Möhn and Linda van Beest spoke at the dutch Zorgtotaal 2019 fair about 'Dolf's room - the changed life of a client with an intellectual disability'.

Zorgtotaal 2019



Dutch leading school magazine "Schooldomein" published an example of our circular approach for the town hall of Diemen in their newest edition, to inspire schools to follow and start with circular reuse as well. Have a look here.

Circular, Circular...



Andrea Möhn and Linda van Beest (Ipse de Bruggen) held a lecture at 'EuHPN 2018, European Health Property Netwerk' in Gothenburg.

They talked about: 'Dolf’s Room - How changing the environment of a client with mental disabilities can make a difference to his life'.

(More information about Dolf's Room and EuHPN.)

EuHPN 2018



Andrea Möhn held a lecture at "PERSPECTIVE EUROPE 2018" conference in Venice, Italy about "Society - creating a human-built environment".

Perspective Europe 2018



SILO agency made a beautiful design for the graphical identity and way-finding of the 

Wooden Forest.



Wooden Forest



After almost 20 years of Möhn + Bouman Architects, with numerous successfully and worldwide published projects, Andrea Möhn will continue the office’s activities within AM_A  Andrea Möhn Architects.

René Bouman founded b-au  bouman architecture+urbanism —> www.b-au.eu.

New name, new image... 



Andrea Möhn set to hold a lecture about 'Dolf's Room' in Amersfoort at "Congress Expedite Begonia" with focus on how an environment can change the life of people who need special care.

Congress Expeditie Begonia 



Workhome-design approved for further development.

Together with the client we developed a radical new combination of life and work for people with behavioural disorders, Site is a beautiful old farm in a typically Dutch landscape.




design approved



Möhn + Bouman has been SELECTED for the transformation of a former farm into an innovative living and working environment for disabled people.

New project 




Playground Finished! 




Preserving human dignity

Office portrait möhn + bouman

Faces of Interior, August 3-2015.

Faces of Interior 



Andrea Möhn will hold a lecture called; "THINK DIFFERENT!" at the Institute Housing and Design (IWE), University of Stuttgart.

The lecture will take place on April 27th.

Think Different 



We have been asked to start a series of studies for the transformation of a monumental, post-war church into a service centre for the local community. 

The church is located in the north-east of Holland and has been vacant for several years. With respect for the former meaning of the church in religious as well as architectural sense, the client is seeking solutions to convert the church-building in a community centre with the focus on health care services, possibly along with the addition of housing for elderly nearby. A highly interesting and challenging assignment is about to start!

New Study



Steel screen published in A10 #56 

mar/apr 2014

Steel Screen Published 



DOLF'S ROOM published on:





This week Andrea Möhn spent her time in Baltimore at the School of Architecture and Planning at Morgan State University to talk about the importance of the Design and the way of planning New Psychiatric Facilities is Europe



We are currently starting working on the foundations for the four buildings, for which an abandoned farm offered an opportunity to create an environment for people with severe behavioral disorders.

(For more information click here.)

Construction starts Workhome



Our project 'Wooden Forest' fetched the attention of different online architecture platforms from New York to Madrid.




Wooden Forest 



We are very proud of the new booklet

“Circulaire Herinrichting Raadzaal en Publiekshal Gemeente Diemen” we designed.

Circulaire Herinrichting 



Towards the end of  July we held a presentation for the

Montessori Lyceum, a school in Amsterdam.

We studied the possibility's of the reuse of two of the four buildings and extended it. The results were presented to the board of the MLA just before the summer holidays. We are pretty trilled to show them to you.

(For more information click here.)

Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam



WOODEN FOREST published in the newest magazine of Industriebouw edition April 2018.

(See the publication here.)

Wooden Forest


AM_A is selected to transform the interior of the city hall of Diemen, together with

Van der Plas - Meubel & Project BV.

'Straat van Diemen' 



Interview with our Portuguese architect Maciel Barreira for the Portuguese Worldradio ("Portuguese in the World" program) about his experience living and working abroad (Japan and The Netherlands).

(Click here to listen to the full interview.)

Portuguese in the World 



Purchase for UHZ together with dJGA.

Competition for the new Heart clinic in Hamburg (Germany) with 50.000 m2. Heart clinic dominated by the volume of the surgical centre creating an entrance area with a green 'canyon' and a waterfall inside.

Purchase for UHZ 

23.04.2016 - 10.07.2016


The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, to be held in the district of Katendrecht (www.iabr.nl). Tours will be held Saturdays and Sundays will visit four of our local projects: Adventure Playground, Paravente, Playground Tolhuisstraat and Walhalla House. 




IABR tours include 4

of our projects



ZIG ZAG published in DOMUS german edition 017


January/February 2016

ZigZag published 



Opening ZigZag building.

Opening ZigZag 



Steel screen published in Braun, ATLAS OF EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE, 06/2015.

Steel Screen Published 



ZigZag building finished.

ZigZag finished 



Opening Psychiatric Clinic Klinisch Centrum Kristal.

Opening KKL 



Chapel Hezenberg  published on:




Chapel Hezenberg  Published



The project Wooden Forest received a Highly commended in the category Mental Health Design at the European Healthcare Design Awards 2019.

European Healthcare

Design Awards 2019


Wooden Forest - Highly commended      



'Wooden Forest' shortlisted for 'The Plan Award 2019' in the category Health Centres and Facilities. 

(For more information click here.)

The Plan Award 2019



Bellow you will find the link to watch Andrea Möhn and Linda van Beest's lecture in London about: 'Dolf’s Room'.


(Watch here)

European Healthcare Design 2018



After a very short and creative period of 8 months, the beautiful new public area of Diemen's town hall has been opened. Mayor Erik Boog and architect Andrea Möhn held the opening speeches about the circular approach and collaboration with the different stakeholders for the design. To learn about the project have a look here!


'De Straat van Diemen'



Andrea Möhn and Linda van Beest (Ipse de Bruggen) held a lecture at 'European Healthcare Design 2018' about: 'Dolf’s Room - How changing the environment of a client with mental disabilities can make a difference'.

(For more information click here.)

European Healthcare Design 2018



ZIG ZAG shortlisted for 'The Plan Award Health 2018'.

(For more information click here.)

The Plan Award Health 2018



An existing building has been renovated into a central facility for diagnose, treatment and care. The additional volume provides functions and flexible facilities with a new and fresh appearance. 

Wooden Forest




Office excursion along 8 healthcare projects of Möhn+Bouman Architects.

Office excursion



Second PRIZE for the competition;


"Masterplan for the University Hospital Münster", together with Boom Landscape!

Aim is the reorganization of the 24 ha. campus including 56.000 m2 of new buildings in an already heterogenous context. Rather than creating more fragmentation, in our plan the new buildings are used to mend and structure. In doing so we created space for a large public park which unites different parts of the campus and provides it with a new, friendly face towards the city.

2nd PRIZE 



First public meeting for our Harbour Housing initiative has been held successful on April 16th. The aim is to realise a tailor-made urban housing project for particular groups of clients.

In doing so we hope to provide an alternative for traditional commercial dutch housing developments. 


Harbour Housing

meeting #1 



Extension and renovation Care Centre Nieuwveen.

New project 

ZigZag building




Andrea Möhn will give another lecture at University Duisburg - Essen at Institut Städtebau Stadtplanung about living at the waterfront in NL.

"Living at the waterfront

in NL" 



Andrea Möhn will give a lecture at University Duisburg - Essen at Institut Städtebau Stadtplanung about living at the waterfront in NL.

"Living at the waterfront

in NL"



Construction starts ZIGZAG building.

Construction starts ZigZag building



THE NEST building published on:


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