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About us
Andrea Möhn


Andrea Möhn Architects is an international architectural firm situated in Rotterdam, with 25 successful years producing bespoke, high quality architecture in a range of scale and function. Founded in 1998 by Andrea Möhn and René Bouman as Möhn + Bouman Architects, Andrea Möhn continues the office's activities from 01.01.2018.


Our projects include new buildings and renovations in a variety of sectors including healthcare, private houses, residential developments, low-cost housing, student accommodation, commercial properties and landscape and urban design. The firm adopts a unique design approach for each individual project ensuring the end product meets the client's needs and sits comfortably within its environment.



Andrea Möhn attended the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Stuttgart, and the Technical University of Delft, the latter on an Erasmus scholarship. In 1994 she graduated from Stuttgart with a distinction. 


Her main interests lie in the influence of the social, cultural and economic spheres upon architecture today. Her research in this field, as well as her extensive interaction throughout the design process with both clients and users of the buildings, have had a significant impact on her work and approach. This multi-disciplinary approach has led to many innovative new concepts, resulting in numerous successful projects, many of which have received international attention and acclaim and appeared in publications around the world. 


Alongside working at her firm, Andrea is lecturing at Delft Technical University, the Academy of Architecture and Urban Design in Rotterdam and the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. She has been invited as a visiting critic at Cornell University, the University of Maryland, Texas A&M and the University of Stuttgart.

In addition to her work, she is a board member of EUI - Epidemic Urbanism Initiative.


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