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Dolf's Room


Stichting Ipse de Bruggen

completed 2013

16 m2

Martin Kers

René Bouman | Andrea Möhn​​​


© Möhn + Bouman Architects

Severely mentally handicapped people mostly live in harsh, prison-cell like conditions, to protect themselves and their environment. This housing unit is a test case to address this issue in another way. By greatly exploring new techniques and materials we were able to create an environment that is molest-free and friendly at the same time. Carefully tailored sensory experiences helped to create a rich environment that contributed to a much greater wellbeïng of the particular patient.







Wall imagery:     

Project architect: 



"To change something you've to understand how someone is as a person".​

(Andrea Möhn - architect)

"In the case of Dolf we saw that changing the physical environment that was the beginning of changing is behaviour".



(Linda van Beelt - IPSE)

"His social skills have improved immensely".​

(Eric Wortelboor - Dolf's brother)

"Dolf is much happier than before".​

(Daniël Huibers - staff member)

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