Wooden Forest

Situated yet hidden right at the heart of a beautiful, large estate for mentally handicapped people, a fairly inconsistent and dysfunctional building has been renovated and transformed into a central facility for diagnosing, treatment and care. To create coherence and a better organization, the required additional floor space has been concentrated into one significant intervention at the center of the building. Here an L-shaped volume provides the building with a new, fresh appearance and a clear, centralized entrance from where all functions can be reached. Its long glass facade is load-bearing, eliminating the need for columns. It results in a large open space creating many visual connections, not only towards different parts of the building but also with the newly designed outdoor space which it surrounds. With direct access from the entrance, primary medical functions can be found. Part of the building has a first floor, which has transformed into flexible office spaces. The combination of all these functions along with its new architecture and spatial organization restores the vital, central role the building was meant to fulfill.





Project architect:



Stichting Ipse de Bruggen

completed 2018

5.220 m2

Andrea Möhn​​​

Silo Agency

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