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The Workhome project aims to provide a facility for housing and daycare for a group of mentally handicapped people with severe behavioral disorders. Rather than repress problematic behavior, the client seeks to create a safe and sheltered environment in which the clients are allowed to be the way they are as much as possible. An abandoned farm offered an opportunity to realize this vision. Not far away from the clients' main facilities, enabling service and assistance if needed, the site sits fully on its own in the open landscape, surrounded by a wind shelter of large trees. While some archetypical elements could be saved and restored, it became clear that the main buildings had to be cleared away due to their deteriorated state. They are replaced by four volumes in contemporary architecture, yet their typology, materials, and details refer to the history and character of the site. Three buildings are residential, offering group and apartment dwellings. The fourth one is providing a workspace, daycare and some central facilities. Together with the redesigned farmyard, the buildings form a carefully designed ensemble, a harmonic environment for living, working, and care.






Project architect: 


Stichting Ipse de Bruggen

in process

2.930 m2, 290 m2 daycare and workspace

Andrea Möhn​​​

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