It started with ambition, the ambition of the Municipality of Diemen to take on the challenge to carry out the redesign of their town hall as circular as possible. This had to be done within the framework of available resources and functional and technical requirements for the public functions. With the same quality as a non-circular environment. This way the municipality can be an example and inspire others. 


After formulating the intended result, the project was put out to tender as an integral assignment for design and execution. The municipality chose  AM_A Andrea Möhn Architects and Van Der Plas Meubel & Project bv. With circular reuse as their drive, the architect and interior designer started with an inventory of existing materials for quality and applicability. Together with the package of requirements of the municipality and consultations with the users, we have worked towards a definitive design as well as planning for the implementation that meets the wishes/requirements of the municipality. A result that Diemen is proud of. A nice environment for the users and a visibly inspiring story for residents of Diemen and many others.




by Circulaire Herinrichting - Raadzaal en Publiekshal Gemeente Diemen







Project architect:  




Diemen, The Netherlands

Gemeente Diemen

completed in 2018

920 m2

Andrea Möhn​​​

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