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This two-story, 110-meter long residential center for people with mental disabilities has been designed in close conjunction with an existing tree structure. The resulting zig-zag- shape visually divides the building into smaller, human-scale areas, thus avoiding the perception of an institution. Slowly rising between the trees, a structure of wooden boardwalks accesses the dwellings on the first floor, providing it with a secondary landscape with a unique quality of its own. The integrated sitting in front of each entrance invite residents to linger and interact with others, as do the retreating zones inside, featuring moos-clad floors and birch trunks. The dark wooden siding of the facades is in strong contrast with the white frames around the windows. Traditionally, due to the cloudy climate, this contrast has been used often to lighten up facades. By using wood, natural insulation along with solar cells and ground source heating, the building is fully ecological, technically keeping with its natural architecture. 

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Design:                ​




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Stichting Ipse de Bruggen
2012 -2014​

completed 2015

4.800 m2

Sarah Blee, Möhn+Bouman

Andrea Möhn​​​


© Möhn + Bouman Architects

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