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Aim of this competition, for which we were selected with Boom Landscape, is the reorganization of the 24 ha. campus including 56.000 m2 of new buildings in an already heterogeneous context. Rather than creating more fragmentation, in our plan, the new buildings are used to mend and structure. The design intends to address all requirements in one coherent intervention. The plan may look spatially simple but its design is complex and required a seamless integration of urbanism and landscape design in which a detailed understanding of not only spatial relations but also the existing topography proved vital. The new volume is very linear, and can only be efficient if fully integrated with the floor plans of the existing clinic. Underground is a large new parking facility along with logistics which not only has to relate to the surrounding buildings but also to the surrounding terrain and its infrastructure, which varied more than 10 meters in height. The final result addresses the need for more building volume, but also we created space for a large public park that unites different parts of the campus and provides it with a new, friendly face towards the city.


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2nd Prize 

closed competition after selection

University Clinic Münster        


Masterplan 24 ha, new buildings 56.000 m2

René Bouman | Andrea Möhn

Boom Landscape, Amsterdam

Transver GmbH, München

© Möhn + Bouman Architects 

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