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The basic idea of the design is an L-shaped, one-story building plan. The building has an articulated wooden facade and green roof in front, which in height takes back the geometry of the triangular plot, and opens to the south. Implied, green ramps on the front sides relate the building in the garden landscape. 


The north and east façades with adjoining rooms follow the course of the existing access roads and protect the garden against them. Niches in the corridors with big windows facing the street provide natural light and offer views to and from the street. All group rooms and the rehearsal room open to the south to the garden and encloses this with a protective gesture. All rooms have direct access to the garden. 


The administrative rooms are centrally located at the entrance and allow one overnight of access to the building. The entrance area has been generously designed and offers direct access to the garden via a spacious covered outdoor area, wherever outdoor activities can take place in the rain. The kitchen and technical rooms are placed in the western part of the building and also acoustically separated from the group rooms via a corridor. The delivery for the kitchen and the dustbin are located in the West Area. Here is also a parking space for the fire department provided. 


The spatial arrangement of the wooden façades stems from the intersection with the sloping cornice formwork of the overhanging flat roof an interesting game of surfaces such as a small town occurs and records the relationship with the opposite residential development himself.





Project architect:  

Cooperation with: 


Werder, Germany

Freie Waldorfschule Werder

closed competition

2.800 m2

Andrea Möhn​​​

Carsten Reck Architekt

© AM_A Andrea Möhn Architects 

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