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This mountain hut is located in a beautiful rock-climbing and hillwalking area in the Belgium Ardennes. Since years it serves as a refuge for members of the dutch mountain club NKBV. As with many mountain huts, a renovation is needed due to changed requirements. The traditional bunk-bed rooms will be replaced by smaller two- and four bed bedrooms along with modernisation of the sanitary facilities. The wish to use the hut as a training centre further required a more flexible groundfloor including the introduction of seminar space. We proposed to rationalise the existing floor plan in a rather modest manner, focussing on flexibility and a greatly improved relation with the public space. The major and more complex changes are concentrated in a newly built volume at the backside of the hut. At first floor level, a prefabricated wooden box contains extra bed-rooms, needed to compensate for the loss of the bunk-beds. Under this volume the new seminar room can be found. The strategy and the resulting design was received enthousiaically but might proove too costly, causing the club to reconsider their requirements.





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Sy / Ferrières sur Ourthe, Belgium

Dutch Mountain Club NKBV



René Bouman

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