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Situated on an old, large campus for mentally handicapped people, this pavilion is part of a larger unit of residential units where patients live with constant care. Due to stricter rules and budget cuts the current population is more severely handicapped that intended in the 1970’s when the complex was designed and built. 

The buildings clearly no longer meet the requirements for current-day use, leading to problems related with care, supervision and durability. In one of the pavilions in particular the situation started to run out of control, urgently requiring a radical improvement along with extension.

The plan was being designed, engineered and approved within 6 months after which the building period took only four months. To control the design, its realization and the built quality it was decided to fully reorganize the existing floor plan based on a lagre open space to facilitate better supervision. New facilities such as a large care-bathroom, a kitchen and a relax room were placed in three carefully detailed wooden volumes. They are structuring the open space and dividing it in clear segments that are recognizable for the patients, helping them to identify and feel safe.





Project architect:




Ipse de Bruggen Foundation Schiedam


completed  2014

500 m2

René Bouman

© Möhn + Bouman Architects 

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