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This housing facility for mentally handicapped is the second stage of the redevelopment of a campus for people with disabilities. Bordering a rural wetland landscape and the city of Schiedam, the site was completely introverted, blocking the relation between urban and rural. On the scale of urbanism, the main theme has been to reconnect the area with the landscape and to emphasize the identity of the place. There are two buildings, a renovated daycare center (Care Campus #1) and this new residential building. Since they are lacking cognitive capabilities, the sensory experience of the patient’s environment was a key issue for the design of both buildings and the landscape design. During the design of the building, we were facing some serious concerns. Rapidly changing demands and financing were creating a lot of uncertainty regarding investments in facilities for mentally handicapped. To make things worse the clients' requirements regarding interior climate made it difficult to meet building regulations in terms of energy consumption. Finally, the impact of the building activities on the site had to be reduced to a minimum. By using Cross Laminated Timber for the structure of the building all complicating factors could be dealt with. Due to the prefabrication of the CLT elements building time was reduced to 9 months, with hardly any noise or dust. The use of wood along with advanced technology makes the building very energy efficient. Flexibility in the design permits individual rooms to be changed into apartments and vice versa at all times. The building method permits disassembling the building or parts of it if needed, making the project not only sustainable but also fully circular in terms of material used.






Project architect:





Ipse de Bruggen


completed  2017

2.340 m2

René Bouman

© Möhn + Bouman Architects 

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