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This project is part of a larger renewal of a small campus area for a community of people with disabilities. On the border Schiedam and its rural surroundings, the campus comprises this newly renovated daycare center along with a housing facility currently under design. The center has been stripped of unnecessary details and has been painted dark brown, and provided with high-quality wooden terraces on all sides, which in turn are wrapped by a wooden screen. In keeping with the local environment, the screen is constructed from chestnut wood and blends into the rural atmosphere. At entrance areas, the screen’s shape adapts, and frames with printed glass cut into the wood, creating a sleek, modern contrast with the rougher, more agricultural material. The glass prints, made by artist Carol Fulton, continue throughout the interior of the center as they surround the new lobby in the heart of the building. They form a panoramic view of the coppiced chestnut grove, forming a visual association with the screens outside. 






Project architect:

Photo artist: 






Ipse de Bruggen


completed  2013

1.460 m2

René Bouman

Carol Fulton

Sarah Blee, Möhn+Bouman

© Möhn + Bouman Architects 

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