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This project concerns social housing for a group of Indonesian elderly, featuring 21 apartments and shared spaces. In close cooperation with a fire-safety expert, it proved possible to integrate stairs in the corridors, thus eliminating staircases. Along with a very efficient storage solution on the ground floor, this saved a significant amount of floor space. In doing so we were able to increase the size of the required shared spaces in the building by 30%. Corridors have been widened and transformed in meeting place while on the ground floor large shared living space with a kitchen can be found. The building is divided into two parts, each with its own materialization, connected by a spacious void. To connect with adjacent buildings and to form a solid volume the western part is materialized in slate. Here the facilities can be found, with 6 larger apartments on top of them. The main volume is materialized entirely in translucent polycarbonate. The translucency of the material is emphasized by a layered facade structure and refers to the Indonesian culture.






Project architect: 



Woonbron Projectontwikkeling


completed  2013

2.500 m2

René Bouman

© Möhn + Bouman Architects 

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